Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to shop at thrift stores. It’s my favorite thing to do when we go out and I could literally spend all day at them if my kids and husband let me. It’s so exciting to find great deals! And it’s not uncommon for me to look up the going prices of my thrifting haul when I get home, to add up how much I saved!

The thrift stores I shop at are a combination of locally owned and chain stores. I’ve noticed that chain stores like Goodwill and My Sister’s Closet are typically priced higher on most items, especially clothes, in comparison to local stores. So I don’t visit those as often.

My favorite store so far is Twice is Nice, in Greenville, TX. Their prices are great and I can always find something I’ve been needing/wanting. Normally I have a cart full of stuff when I leave the store!

I’ve decided to post my thrifting hauls on my blog to hopefully get some fellow thrifters to share in my excitement!

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

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Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

This thrifting haul was from Twice is Nice.

The first thing I do when I go to this store is to check out the toys. If I can find something they don’t already have and put it in the cart, it will keep Garreth decently quiet through the rest of the store. Ronen is normally on my back in the carrier, so I don’t have to worry about him. Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

This was the first thing Garreth saw. A gallon sized bag of Legos with a few other miscellaneous toys for $5. This was a nice surprise, as I had yet to find any of these in thrift stores before! He had just been gifted this Lego table a couple of days before and Kyle and I were talking about buying more Legos for him. I asked him to wait and see what I could find while out thrifting!

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

There were 15 minifigures in the bag! He was so excited!

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

Next, we went to the $0.25 bin. Most of the items in there are missing pieces to a set or clothing they’ve just marked down.

14 pieces of clothing for $3.50!

I found 9 shirts for Garreth. I’m really glad I grabbed these because he’s outgrown all his 4T clothes and he definitely needed more shirts!

And 4 pairs of shorts for Ronen. These were all from pajama sets that were missing the tops, but they’re just for potty training at home. (We are training him from the book “Oh Crap, Potty Training“. He’s went poop in the potty every time since we started a month ago!)

And one Game of Thrones shirt to turn into a fitted cloth diaper.

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

A bag of 14 zippers for $7.

There was a $0.50 price tag on the bag, so I assumed it was for the whole thing, but I was charged $7 for all of them. My fault, I should have asked. Still a great deal, though!

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

A steel Oxo utensil holder for $3. These are about $25 new, so that was a steal! Plus I’ve just been using a large coffee can to store my utensils in for years, so this will look way nicer!

Thrifting Haul from Twice is Nice - 6/2/2017

A gun rack for $5! I don’t often find things to buy for Kyle, so this was nice.

I had to text him and ask if he wanted it. Wasn’t sure because he’s been talking about buying a locking one.

He used the empty slots for his swords.

Total: $23.50

Normally I find a lot more at thrift stores, so this wasn’t a typical thrifting haul. But, I found a few things I’ve been needing, so I can say it was a good trip!

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Have you had an awesome thrifting haul lately? What are your go-to thrift stores? Let me know in the comments!

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