Free Printable Christian Birth Affirmations

Hi, everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve had my hands full with my three boys and current team green baby! I’ve got around a month left before this baby makes its arrival and we’re all super excited to meet him/her! I’ll be having a homebirth like last time and wanted to make some printable positive Christian birth affirmations to help encourage me through labor and birth. Sadly, I’m not that artistic when it comes to painting, drawing, or writing fancy letters. So I just decided to make some digital ones that I could print out.

Free Printable Christian Birth Affirmations

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Although I’ve never used Christian birth affirmations before, I love reading them for a couple of reasons.

They’re Great to Read During Pregnancy Too

You can also read them throughout your pregnancy to help prepare you for what’s to come during labor and birth. You’ll feel more equipped to handle it, especially with Christian ones that remind you that God will be with you when the time comes. In fact, I would definitely start reading them well before labor for these very reasons. No mama wants to feel alone and unprepared when their baby decides to make their entrance.

They Can Help Keep You From Unnecessary Transfer

We all know that there are circumstances where transfer to a hospital is necessary, but it’s not that common and some mamas end up transferring because of fear, pain, or just panic. Especially when transition hits, it can feel pretty scary and out of your control. These birth affirmations will help to keep you calm, level-headed, and focused on our creator to get you through it.


Printable Christian Birth Affirmations

I’ve since made more Christian birth affirmations and decided to list them in my Etsy store! Get the free ones below or purchase the full set of 36 that comes in 4 different size options here!

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free printable Christian birth affirmations

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I hope these help you as much as they have me so far! I’ll be praying for anyone who reads this to have a safe, empowering birth, as we all deserve!



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