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Does anyone else’s kids wake up before them? Right, I’m sure that’s most of us moms. Mine get up at around seven every morning. I really wanted to be able to sleep a little longer with my toddler, so I made this kids daily routine printable checklist for them to get done before waking Momma up. At least the morning things.


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For a little motivation to finish their daily routine checklist, you could offer them a printable kid’s coupon upon completion or for doing it without complaints!

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Our Morning Routine

My middle child will sometimes forget to go to the bathroom when he wakes up and have an accident, so that’s the first thing on the list.

They are old enough to make their own beds. And they know to get dressed so they are ready to play outside in a bit.

My two older boys have long hair and they despise brushing it. Every time I do it for them they scream bloody murder about how bad it hurts! I put it on the morning routine so they will brush it as best they can and I will help to do the rest when I’m up.

They both eat their morning snacks and brush their teeth. Then they come and wake me up and I make breakfast while they start school. We homeschool by the way.

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Bedtime Routine

After dinner, they clean up all of their toys. Then they take a bath and put their pajamas on.

Next, they brush their teeth again and go to the bathroom.

Then they each pick out a book for Momma or Daddy to read, give kisses and hugs and hop in bed.

Since implementing this kids daily routine printable, they have clear direction of what they’re supposed to do in the morning and at bedtime and they’ve become more responsible. They both love checking the tasks off as they go!

Once you print it out you can laminate it, put it in a page protector, or a dry-erase sleeve!

If you have more than one child and don’t want to take up extra space you might like my bundle of these checklists with options for up to 6 children so you don’t need one for everyone! They really come in handy for big families! Because let’s face it, we only have so much space and who wants a bajillion checklists on their walls?

printable kids routine checklists for multiple children

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