Free Printable 2024 Calendar

The new year is only a couple of days away and I’m sorry I didn’t post this sooner. With a new year comes a new free printable 2024 calendar for my subscribers! I made this one boho style.

free printable 2024 boho calendar monthly

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Who’s ready for a new year? I know I am. We had a lot of ups and downs this last year, but our biggest up was an unexpected pregnancy and the birth of our first daughter after four boys!

I wasn’t too thrilled about the nausea again or that we had to put our move to Oklahoma on hold, but it was all worth it! We are so in love, especially her four big brothers!

Her middle name is after my great-grandmother, who also has four boys, but she never had any girls. We thought it would be a great tribute to her.

We will be moving to our 5-acre property in Oklahoma sometime in 2024 and we are so excited! We just have to finish fixing the house, which shouldn’t take too much longer.

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I also made myself a hippie/crunchy-themed 2024 calendar, because we all know I’m a hippy-dippy crunchy mama! I had so much fun making it! You can find that here. Or click on the image below. You get 20% off printables and stickers when you sign up for my email list!

printable 2024 monthly hippie calendar holistic crunchy mom

This free printable 2024 calendar has a to-do list along with a space to write goals on every page. It is sized 8.5″x 11″ US letter.

The calendar has a sun, grass/leaves, and other boho elements. It has a cover page and 12 month pages with identical backgrounds.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

Free 2024 Printable Calendar

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