DIY Baby-Proof Dry-Erase Photo Album

So this is a fun project I did yesterday. This DIY baby-proof photo album was super easy to make. It’s great for baby to recognize faces without worrying about them messing it up; it’s drool-proof! It’s also fun for small children to practice reading and writing family member’s names since it’s dry-erase. And of course to color silly faces on!

We’ve been encouraging our toddler to start saying names and I figured this was a good excuse to use all my photo size laminating pouches that haven’t been touched since I bought them months ago!

DIY Baby-Proof Dry-Erase Photo Album

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get pictures ready

Line up all your pictures so they are ready to go. I did mine double-sided so it didn’t use as many pouches. If you do that make sure your pictures are facing the way you want them to when you turn the page!

put photos in pouches

Place your photos in the proper size pouches and put them through the laminator!

all laminated

Here they are all laminated in the order I want them.

punch the holes

Now punch the holes. You can do one in the corner as I did, or two in the left side or the top. To make the holes all uniform you punch the first hole then line up another picture behind it and punch in the same spot.

DIY Baby-Proof Dry-Erase Photo Album

Now put your loose leaf rings through the holes and you’re done!

Let me know if you try this DIY baby-proof dry-erase photo album and how your family likes it in the comments!

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