Finished With Cloth Diapers- What To Do With Them

So, you’re finished with cloth diapers. Whether you’re done having kids, making room for new diaper inventory, or decided they’re just too much work right now, there are a few things you can do with those cloth diapers you no longer use.

Finished With Cloth Diapers- What To Do With Them

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What To Do When You’re Finished With Cloth Diapers

Give them to friends or family

Do you know anyone willing to tackle cloth diapers? Consider giving your used cloth diapers to friends or family. Just make sure to tell them you want them back if they end up not using them! That would be a waste!

Repurpose them

If your diapers have PUL in them, then you can use that to make cloth nursing pads, menstrual pads, and snack bags. If the PUL has cracks in it, you can use them as swim diapers still! Prefolds can be used as rags or burp cloths, or cut them up for the absorbent part in the nursing or menstrual pads!

Donate to a cloth diaper loan program

There are several programs that send out cloth diaper loans to low-income families. They are always in need of gently-used cloth diapers and accessories! The Rebecca Foundation is a great one to donate to. Check out their list of what is accepted here. Another one is The Cloth Option.

Give away free-for-shipping

If you don’t know of anyone who would use your cloth diapers, but still want to give them to a family, you can always post them in the free-for-shipping section at Diaper Swappers. They just pay you the costs of shipping the diapers to them.

Sell them

You can make back a good chunk of the money you spent on your cloth diapers by selling them! Sell on eBay, Diaper Swappers, Facebook groups, etc. Wherever you like!

Keep them for an unexpected pregnancy

Hey, it happens. And you know you’ll be kicking yourself in the butt if you got rid of those diapers because you thought you were done having babies!

What will you do with your cloth diapers when you’re finished with them? Or what did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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