Cheap Courses Online For As Little As $5

I’ve often thought about doing something besides being a stay-at-home-mom, but I don’t ever plan on paying for college. My family enjoys not being in debt and we’d like to keep it that way. However, when I was recently browsing one of my favorite websites, I found that they have a really great amount of cheap courses that are all online! And they start at only $5! How did I not come across this before?!


Cheap Courses Online For As Little As $5

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So, what is the best website to find cheap courses?




Check out just ten of the hundreds of awesome courses that they have below!


Online American Sign Language Course – $8 ($299 value)

This ASL course will walk you through the fundamentals of sign language with interactive video lessons to teach you how to begin communicating with the deaf community. You will learn the most important signs to get you started, fingerspelling, grammar, theory, and much more, so that when you complete this course, you will be able to ask questions, chat, and you will have a strong base for easily learning more signs. Because there are several thousand signs in ASL, this course is designed to give you a strong understanding of the fundamentals you need to communicate in ASL, rather than giving you a dictionary of every sign available. This will allow you to master what you need to begin communication, and then move on to increase your vocabulary at your own pace.


Special Needs Education, Autism, or Dyslexia Therapist Online Course – $5 ($299 value)

$5 for one special needs education certification course ($299 value)

$5 for one dyslexia therapist certification course ($299 value)

$5 for one autism awareness certification course ($299 value)

$9 for two of the above courses ($598 value)

$12 for all three courses ($897 value)

As we continue to improve in our ability to identify students with learning disabilities and diverse needs, the importance of individuals who are trained to help these students increases. Students with special educational needs require special services in order to perform in the classroom and grow as students and individuals. That is why schools are always looking for talented individuals who can provide their students with the appropriate interventions to help them succeed. Their online Special Educational Needs courses are specifically designed to provide you with everything that you need to make a difference in the lives of these children.


Online Natural Holistic Remedies Certification Course – $19 ($871.86 value)

This course is something I would be interested in because I love all things natural and try to use holistic remedies as much as possible!

This self-paced course introduces students to the fundamentals of holistic medicine via 60 online modules. The content includes video tutorials that cover topics such as holistic treatments, integrative medicine, and alternative medicine. A tutor and support team are there to help with questions, and, after passing a final assessment, students receive a certificate of achievement. You get access to this course for 3 months, so finish it before then!


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Online Course – $8 ($499 value)

This is a great way to see the world and make money while you do it. After taking their online course, you can be on your way to any number of great destinations! Whether you are new to TESOL/TEFL or an experienced teacher looking for new opportunities their course is designed so you can get the most out of all modules.

This course is fully accredited and will enable you to travel the world while teaching English. If you’re worried about teaching in a classroom, this fully comprehensive course will take you through everything from the fundamentals of teaching to the more technical aspects like grammar and classroom management. Their complete TESOL/TEFL job module will walk you through how to apply and search for your dream job abroad.


Online Event-Planning Certification Course – $8 ($229 value)

This event management course has been prepared specifically with you in mind, from essential practices to minor details. Their international team of experienced event planners has put together the most relevant content and up to date knowledge from today’s events world. You’ll receive valuable advice, practical strategies and industry secrets that will help you to get ahead in the events sector.

This certification in Event Planning will give you the applicable skills to immediately start your business, or begin working as an event planner.

There’s also a Wedding Planner Certification Course!


Online Accredited Health and Fitness Certification Course $19 – ($395 value)

This course teaches students fundamentals of fitness, weight loss, injury prevention and recovery, and more. These courses include eight one-hour live lessons from professionals with bonus Q&A sessions. Students can learn at their own pace through recordings of live classes and take voluntary weekly quizzes to assess progress. The courses are suitable for all levels.


Criminology & Profiling and Forensic Science Online Course Bundle $9 ($598 value) 

$8 for a Criminology & Profiling online course ($299 value)

$8 for a Forensic Science online course ($299 value)

$9 for a Criminology & Profiling online course and a Forensic Science online course ($598 value)

With these two courses you will learn:

    • Forensic science developed and its roles in police work and solving crimes
    • Evidence such as blood and fingerprints can be analyzed and used as evidence
    • To determine how long someone has been dead, even for a very long time
    • Powerful DNA evidence is to catch a criminal
  • Forensic scientists apply their expertise in court
  • Forensic scientists work in different roles and settings


  • The basics of criminology
  • The different philosophies of understanding crime
  • The different types of crimes, the levels of severity, and the appropriate punishment
  • Forensic sciences and how to use them
  • The mind of the criminal
  • Famous criminals and their profiles


Online Accredited Certification Course in Graphic Design – $19 ($395 value)

Aspiring graphic designers learn the basics of designing for print and the Internet, including how to edit photos, design a logo, and create a web layout. They work in such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and don’t need any prior knowledge.

The lessons were created by a multidisciplinary designer and include 10 modules divided into short, easily digestible chapters. The lessons are available 24/7, and tutors are always on hand to answer any question.


Online Starting Your Business Course with Optional Entrepreneurship Course Bundle –  $5 ($119 value)

$5 for an online Starting Your Business course ($119 value)

$12 for an online entrepreneurship course bundle ($467 value)

By the end of the course, you’ll be thinking like an entrepreneur – with good insight into what it takes to run a successful business and how to support yourself while doing so. They bring the advice and knowledge to life with real examples of how you can implement ideas. They’ve kept the content easy to understand and absorb and relevant to you.

Stay inspired and focused on the future you have in mind. This is a reliable reference tool to keep with you during your early days as a business owner and beyond.


Online Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Course with Optional Beauty Course Bundle – $5 ($199 value)

$5 for online Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Certification course ($199 value)

$12 for an online beauty course bundle ($657 value)

With this Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Course, you’ll learn how to blog on a professional level from the start. Some blogs start out as a hobby, learning how the professionals do it as they go – and that’s okay. But if you want to get a firm understanding of the fashion & lifestyle blogging fields before you start, they’ll take you through it.

During the 11 module course, you’ll learn everything from the planning, preparation and behind the scenes action that’s required in blogging to the nitty gritty more technical, creative and design lead parts.

With their Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging course, you will quickly learn the tricks and tools of the trade!



If none of these cheap courses strike your interest for a future career, click through and look through the hundreds of others on Groupon! You’re bound to find something you like! And for these prices, you’re not losing much if you end up wanting a career change!

And Groupon doesn’t just sell courses. They also have amazing local deals and goods here!

Drop me a comment if you find any cheap courses you like! I’d love to know what you picked!



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  1. You literally just made my entire year with this bit of info ive been grappling with what to study because i have so many things that i have deep passion for and now im going to be able to afford to get my education in all of the things i have battled myself on choosing one… THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BEING AND THROUGH TO THE TOP OF MY HEAD IN THE CLOUDS❤

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