5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

I am super excited about this post guys!  I was brainstorming ways to turn T-shirts into skirts for my friend’s daughter when I came up with this. And the cool thing about it is the skirt can be a maxi skirt for your toddler or a knee-length skirt for you! And no sewing involved! I think this may be the easiest and fastest upcycle ever! It took me less than five minutes to make this DIY T-shirt skirt! And all you need is a pair of scissors, safety pin, and a t-shirt, no going out to buy supplies for this quick DIY!

5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

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5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

You’ll want a T-shirt that isn’t curved like a woman’s normally is. It needs to be straight from the sleeves to the bottom. And it will be turned upside-down for the skirt, so use one that will look okay that way. I used an XL and it was pretty flowy. If you’re petite or want something not as full at the bottom you can use smaller sizes. Start by laying your T-shirt out.


5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

Cut straight across right under the sleeves. Save the top for future projects!


5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

Make two small snips in the center of the hem on the bottom. These will be the drawstring holes.


5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

Flip it around so the holes are at the top and cut off a strip about 1 inch wide from the cut end of the shirt. Then cut so it makes one long string.


 5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

Attach your safety pin to one end of the string and thread through the hem until it comes out the other side.


5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

It should look like this.

Now wear your new DIY T-shirt skirt!

5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

5 Minute No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Skirt

It will fit almost any size depending on what size T-shirt you use. The length of this one fits about two years old(as an adorable maxi skirt) and up. If you want it to fit a smaller child, you can cut some of the length off.

When you wash it, you’ll probably want to keep it tied so the string doesn’t come out in the wash.


Do you think you’ll try to make a DIY T-shirt skirt?

If you make one share a pic on Instagram and tag me @little_mager_house 

I’d love to see your creations!

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  1. Love this diy! I am so inspired by your creativity. It would be so easy create this skirt by following your steps. I am going to try this tutorial. Thanks and keep sharing.

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