Pajama Pants Turned Into Maxi Skirt 2

I have a couple pairs of pajama pants that I’m no longer wearing, because I have too many. I hate to give them away, though. They’re so comfy with thin cotton knit material! I thought I would attempt to turn them into maxi skirts. I could wear them around the house without looking like I was in my pajamas all day, yet still have the comfort of them! Every stay-at-home-mom’s dream!

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

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How To Turn Pajama Pants Into A Maxi Skirt


Start off with your pants laid flat.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Cut straight up the inner seams to the crotch. The back and front should be separate now.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Turn inside out and spread flat on either side so the front and back are out to the sides.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Mark and pin going down at an angle from the waistband to the end of the pants. Do this on both sides.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Sew up where you marked. I just used a straight stitch. Trim the excess fabric. The seam looks curved in this picture, but it needs to be straight.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Turn right-side-out and lay flat. Cut slits up the sides of the skirt if you want. It will be very difficult to walk in, otherwise. Mine weren’t high. Just enough to make the skirt easier to walk in.

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

And that’s it! Wear your now most comfortable skirt without looking like you just rolled out of bed!

Pajama Pants To Maxi Skirt

Does it look comfy, or what? Do you think you’ll trade in some yoga pants for a couple maxi skirt pajamas?

If you make one share a pic on Instagram and tag me @little_mager_house 

I’d love to see your creations!

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