DIY Toy Hammock – Easy No-Sew 2

Garreth has had these big dinosaurs for almost a year now. He loved them the first couple months. He would set them up along with every other one of his smaller dinosaurs in the living room and on the kitchen counters, pretty much everywhere. But, as he grew tired of them, they eventually just became a constant heap of toys on his bedroom floor along with his too-big stuffed animals. I had nowhere to put them, and I was tired of the clutter!

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

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Growing up with five siblings in our home, we had a LOT of toys. My mom had a few of those hanging toy hammock nets in our rooms for all the stuffed animals. I knew that’s what I needed, and being penny-pinching me, I decided to make a DIY version. Starting on Pinterest, I came across a couple tutorials that required sewing, and most others showed how to crochet one, but I just wanted something quick and easy. I gave up searching DIY toy hammock tutorials for the moment to check on the boys.

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

As I was attempting to fold our extra fitted crib sheets they had strewn out everywhere, I noticed they were pretty much the shape needed for the hammock. Awesome! I would never have thought of a crib sheet before! Thank you, boys, for making the mess that led me to discover this! Never thought I’d say that!

Here’s how I used it:

DIY Toy Hammock

Now, I used a fitted sheet with elastic only at the ends. You could probably still use one with elastic all the way around, it will just look different.

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

Drill a screw right under the middle of the elastic end into the corner where you want to hang it(below left). And two more into the corners of the folded sheet on the walls(below right). You could also use grommets and screw-in hooks  if you don’t like this method.

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-SewDIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

It should look like this.

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

Now, pile it full of stuffed animals and toys!

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

Garreth thought my placement of the T-Rex was especially hilarious because it was going to eat the scared Stegosaurus!

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

And of course, just because I put them out of his reach, he gains interest again and has me get them all back down.

DIY Toy Hammock - Easy No-Sew

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  • Christina

    Hi! I’m Christina and I have the same issue with 3 boys 8,6 and 14 months, im on my way in two rooms to do this right now, just wanted to say thank you!! Thank you for taking time to write about great ideas..☺